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If there are 200 identical firms in this market, what level of output will be supplied to the market when price is $1.00? When 100 identical firms participate in this market, at what price will 15,000 units be supplied to this market? A. $1.00 b. $1.50 c. $2.00 d. It cannot be determined from the information provided. If at a market price of $1.75, 52,500 units of output are supplied to this market, how many identical firms are participating in This market? A. 75 b. 100 c. 250 d. 300 When existing firms in a competitive market are profitable, an incentive exists for a. new firms to seek government subsidies that would allow them to enter the market. B. new firms to enter the market, even without government subsidies. C. existing firms to raise prices. D. existing firms to increase production.

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