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Compute P(A|C). Show your steps below in detail using the information above.

Q2 (15 points): Suppose that 1 out of every 200 Cornell students has Meningitis. Suppose there is atest T for Meningitis. Suppose that this test, like any test, is NOT 100% accurate. In particular, sup-pose that the probability that you test positive GIVEN that you have Meningitis equals .97. Supposethat the probability that you test negative GIVEN that you DO NOT have Mengingitis equals .92.Suppose you pick a random Cornell student, and test them for Meningitis using the test T. Consider the following associated events: — Event A: “Did the student actually have Meningitis?” — Event B: “Did the student actually NOT have Meningitis?”— Event 0: “Did the student test positive?” — Event D: “Did the student test negative?”

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