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The following information was available for the year ended December 31, 2016:

Net sales = $365,000

Cost of goods sold = 292,000

Average accounts receivable for the year = 14,600

Accounts receivable at year-end = 16,000

Average inventory for the year = 73,000

Inventory at year-end = 78,400


a. Calculate the inventory turnover for 2016

b. Calculate the number of days’ sales in inventory for 2016, using year-end inventories

c. Calculate the accounts receivable turnover for 2016

d. Calculate the number of days’ sales in accounts receivable for 2016, using year-end accounts receivable

Net SalesCOGSAvg ARAR year endAvg InventoryInventory yearend 36500029200014600160007300078400 Required:abcd 4 times98 days25 times16 days

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