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The path of a race will be drawn on a coordinate grid like the one shown below. The starting point of the race will be at (−5.3, 1).

The finishing point will be at (1, −5.3). A four-quadrant coordinate grid is drawn from negative 4 to positive 4. Quadrant I is labeled Quadrant P, Quadrant II is labeled Quadrant Q, Quadrant III is labeled Quadrant R, and Quadrant IV is labeled Quadrant S.

Part A: Use the grid to determine in which quadrants the starting point and the finishing point are located. Explain how you determined the locations. (6 points)

Part B: A checkpoint will be at (5.3, 1). In at least two sentences, describe the difference between the coordinates of the starting point and the checkpoint, and explain how the points are related. (4 points)

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