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(You must use Excel to produce the income statement and balance sheet with appropriate ratios.for my financial report.please help me with excel..A commonly used short-term liquidity measure that is of great importance to creditors as it discloses a company’s ability to repay its debt whenever they fall due for payment. The financials of our (Lemonade) company show a positive performance as there was a 51.2% increase in Current ratio between Season 1 and Season 2 from 5.02 to 7.59. This is due to a 128.97% ($239.75) increase in cash balance from $ 185.90 in Season 1 to $425.65 recorded in Season 2. By implication, the Lemonade business has more current asset (most especially cash) to cover and finance its liabilities when creditors request payment of their debt/liability.

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