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Page | 1QMSC 3321Test 2: Summer 2012(Please show your calculations else no partial credit would be provided for wrong answers.Altogether there are 7 questions in this test. Deadline: Saturday, Jun 14 8 pm through BlackboardAssignment>Test 2 submission)1. For the data belowMonth AutomobileBattery SalesMonth AutomobileBattery SalesJanuary 20 July 17February 21 August 18March 15 September 20April 14 October 20May 13 November 21June 16 December 23(a) Develop a three-month moving average.(b) Compute MAD.( 15 points)2. Use simple exponential smoothing with α = 0.3 to forecast battery sales for February throughMay. Assume that the forecast for January was for 22 batteries.Automobile Battery Sales423328591) the least squares trend line.2)the predicted value for 2002 sales.

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