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Can you calculate the amplitude of the blocks motion, magnitude of max acceleration, magnitude of min acceleration, and how long it takes to complete 9.4 cycles.

Chapter 15, Problem 111 A 2.4 kg block executes SHM while attached to a horizontal spring of spring constant 220 Mm. The maximum speed of the block as it slides on a horizontal frictionless surface is 2.5 m/s. What are (a) the amplitude of the block’s motion, (b) the magnitude of its maximum acceleration, and (c) the magnitude of its minimum acceleration?(d) How long does the block take to complete 9.4 cycles of its motion? (a) Number Units m(b) Number Units m/SAZ(c) Number Units m/SAZ(d) Number Units 5 Click if you would like to Show Work for this question: Qpen Show Work

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