write my assignment 3231

Do not understand what formulas need added the the excel sheet.

omwmmAwN I—‘l—‘l—‘b—Ale—o l—‘l—‘l—‘HlOfiU’l-b ,._.co > A B C D E F G H I J K L M N C Monthly Loan Payments for Varying Interest RatesMonthly Payment ‘Ibtal Cost Total InterestInterest Enter formula for calculating Monthly Payment. TotalCost, and, Total Interest4.50%5.00%550%6.00%6.50%7. 000% Use the Table command onUse the formula to calculate 7‘50 A the Data menu to create thethe loan amount (Price – 8.00% data set for MonthlyDownpayment) In Cell 08. 8.50% Payment, Total Cost, and9 00? Total Interest for different‘ " iMerest rates.9.50%Use the PMT function to calculae the 10.00%monthly payment in Cell 09. 10.50%11.00%l—‘L‘ -…. .

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