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Which statement is true about the mid-oceanic ridges?

The mid-oceanic ridges are at convergent boundaries.

Subduction occurs along mid-oceanic ridges.

The youngest sea floor is at the mid-oceanic ridges.

Mid-oceanic ridges are characterized by deep focus earthquakes.

Mid-oceanic ridges are adjacent to deep ocean trenches.

If subduction is getting deeper from left to right, which is the correct order of placement going in the same direction?

volcanoes, oceanic trench, deep focus earthquakes, intermediate focus earthquakes, shallow focus earthquakes

shallow focus earthquakes, intermediate focus earthquakes, hot spots, deep focus earthquakes, ocean trench

oceanic trench, shallow focus earthquakes, hot spots, intermediate focus earthquakes, deep focus earthquakes

volcanoes, shallow focus earthquakes, intermediate focus earthquakes, deep focus earthquakes, ocean trench

oceanic trench, shallow focus earthquakes, intermediate focus earthquakes and volcanoes, deep focus earthquakes

Which location is correctly matched with its corresponding plate activity?

the Andes of South America—oceanic-continental convergence

Aleutian Islands of Alaska—hot spot

Himalayan Mountains—transform boundary

Hawaii—divergence at mid-oceanic ridge

San Andreas Fault of California—divergent boundary rift valley

What forms a volcanic island arc?

convergence at an oceanic-continental convergent plate boundary

a transform plate boundary

divergence at a plate boundary

the plate moving over a hot spot

convergence at an oceanic-oceanic convergent plate boundary

What creates a chain of volcanoes in the middle of a lithospheric plate?


a hot spot

sea floor spreading


transform boundary

Why do shield volcanoes have the gentlest slopes?

They result from thick lava bulging the surface upwards.

They readily erode.

The lava flows freely and spreads.

They are composed of rock debris blown out of the vent.

They are the product of explosive eruptions.

What is the gradient of a volcanic cone that has a height of 5340 feet and a base of 4850 feet and the horizontal distance between these two points is 2 miles?

245 feet per mile

5095 feet per mile

490 feet per mile

2425 feet per mile

2670 feet per mile

What indicates that the lava that flowed from SP Mountain was very fluid?

The lava has been highly eroded.

The lava is a thin layer covering a wide area.

The lava edges from a steep escarpment or slope.

The lava flow forms a very nice fan shape.

The lava spread evenly down the sides of the volcanic cone.

composite volcano

shield volcano


cinder cone

plug dome

Why is Okmok Caldera not as completely filled with water as is Crater Lake?

The rim is now incomplete, so streams can exit the caldera.

The feature is too young to have collected enough water.

The climate inhibits water accumulation.

The water table is lower and the sedimentary layers allow groundwater movement.

It is a cinder cone so the porosity and permeability is higher.

Which statement describes the features inside the Okmok Caldera?

It is lowest on the south side.

It contains one large lake.

Its activity is considered extinct.

The area is devoid of lava flows.

It contains multiple small volcanic cones.

What is the source location of most of the recent lava flows on Mauna Loa?

the southwest rift zone

the caldera itself

a cinder cone inside the caldera

Hilina Pali

Lua Hou

Which statement describes Wizard Island?

Wizard Island is the new volcano forming off of Hawaii at the hot spot.

Wizard Island is the name of the volcano that collapsed to form Crater Lake.

Wizard Island is a composite volcano on the flanks of Okmok Caldera.

Wizard Island is a composite cone inside the Okmok Caldera.

Wizard Island is a small cinder cone inside Crater Lake.

A slope on the northwest side of the former Mount Mazama was measured and found to go from 6800 feet to 8049 feet in a distance of 1.5 miles. If the remaining distance to the crest of Mount Mazama was 3.7 miles and this slope was uniform, what would have been the height of Mount Mazama?

9,881 feet

8,882 feet

8,387 feet

12,670.3 feet

11,130 feet

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