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Compose a 1250 words assignment on health education. Needs to be plagiarism free! This paper approves that not consume a large amount of unhealthy foods but there are always exceptions. One has a rather active life and does not participate in formal exercise. however, do try not to remain stationary. Most of the people that we associate with are very much the same. One believe that it is about balance, as simple as that: it is not just about strict exercise routines and calorie counting charts, it is about moderation. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. diet, exercise, and good health cannot be the only focus in one’s life. I do not think I know anyone that personifies heath, whose characteristics or behaviors

This essay makes a conclusion that being healthier than you are today is hardly a bad thing. The goal of good health. Wanting to improve and lengthen the quality of the life that you have is important and is relevant. Most of us could, probably, afford to eat a little healthier and be active a bit more often. Exercise has its place. As stated before, it is about balance and moderation. It is the only way to meet all the accepted requirements of good health. It must be reflected in all aspects of your being, internally, externally, emotionally, mentally, and socially. This will not just make you healthier, but a more well-rounded person within your own life.

The World Health Organization coined the definition that, “health is a state of complete being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Meaning that not being sick and free of disease does not necessarily guarantee the presence of good health. This definition encompasses all the aspects of what it means to be healthy, it is more than physical. Given that definition it becomes much easier to approach the analysis of the three women presented in the case study provided. The three women are completely different in how they perceive being healthy. Peggy is a constant exerciser. She talks about little else and has few friends. Kathy, also, regularly exercises, as well as, being an athlete. However, she talks little about it and makes friends more easily than Peggy. Lastly, is Mary, who makes no real extra effort, aside from daily walks, to be healthier. At first glance it would be easy to identify Kathy, the athletic, but likeable, girl as the healthiest, Peggy as an avid exerciser would fall in the middle, and this leaves Mary as the least healthy. Based solely on the inclusion of exercise as a representation of health then the former might be a fair assessment. However, that is not necessarily accurate. I have decided to put these women in a different order. The most healthy could easily be Mary, with Kathy in the middle, and, lastly, Peggy as the least healthy. It may be surprising to see these women in this order, but there is science that can support it. Exercise alone is not an indicator of health on its own, in fact, there is such a thing as too much exercise. There is even the potential to become addicted to exercise. They will become all consumed with the need to exercise. The act of exercising could become compulsory. completely out of their control.(Costin) They will abandon opportunities for social interactions, with friends and family, to participate in more exercise activities. This is the potential issue with Peggy, given the description in the case study. Her “one-track-minded” fixation is negatively impacting her life on a social level, potentially on a mental level. this is not necessarily a healthy state of mind. If the definition of total health includes ones mental state and social levels, and Peggy is clearly lacking in those two areas. then it would be impossible for her to be the healthiest. Without knowing more about her personal life and her attitudes on a regular basis concerning her exercise it would be difficult to know her actual state of health and make an accurate judgment. Kathy, who seems to be more sociable and likeable, has no real indications of obsessions with the athletic part of her life. However, athletes often stress their bodies too much when they train, without realizing or intending to. They, also, do not, always, allow their bodies a proper rest time in between training sessions.

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