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Create a 11 page essay paper that discusses Analysis of Codes of Fashion and Culture.

The essay “Analysis of Codes of Fashion and Culture” concerns the Alan Pietersen and fashion. Alan Pietersen has a small family – a mother, a father, an elder sister and a younger brother. He is still searching for his ideal soul mate. For him, wife would be someone who can stand up with him in adversarial times and be his confidant. She will be the one who would be the epitome of love and commitment. Alan believes that within the next 3 years he will be a married man. Because of this, he has started saving for the future to make sure that he can raise a family afterwards. Alan knows what he is doing. The only hurdle in his path is the busy work routine that he has to bear almost on a daily basis. Otherwise his search for future wife continues unabated. He is considered as a very fashionable person in his circle. His choice of clothes is extravagant since he belongs to an affluent family. He opines that clothes make a man and thus he sticks to this principle no matter how difficult it is for him to choose clothes on a daily basis. Alan perceives that it is not always branded clothes that give satisfaction. In fact at times clothes worn can also be from unbranded and generic makers yet the quality is such that it becomes wearable. One must understand that Alan’s tastes are highly developed and he gives priority to fabric and the overall quality as well as the look that comes with it. In this department, he is never left behind and feels pride in it. Alan is also actively involved within sports. He likes to pull on his best tracks and tee shirt to enjoy a 5 kilometer walk. He believes in being fit at all times. Laziness is something that is unknown to him. At times, he goes out on the shore for horse riding. This gives him immense satisfaction as the sea shore makes him feel out of this world. Alan enjoys chatting with friends and general people who are present on the sea line. He often does horse racing which is a unique aspect in its own right. Yet Alan’s hobbies are much interesting and one cannot deny the same fact without a doubt. He also watches extreme sports on television and once went to Italy to be a part of the Formula 1 grand prix. As far as his party nature is concerned, Alan Pietersen is always going out with friends and colleagues from work. He goes out to watch movies with his family and friends on every weekend. He enjoys romantic movies when he is with his friends yet wishes to see action and comedies when he is with his family members. Also he likes to sing along with friends and often holds a karaoke session at his home. Many of his friends pour in and then they enjoy a party time. He is known to arrange parties and get involved with all of his friends, near or far. He wants each one of them to enjoy with him and for this reason, he is always eager and willing to throw a party. Alan Pietersen believes in holidays and sightseeing around the globe. In other words, he is a globe-trotter. He once went to the Caribbean islands just to watch the sunsets. He loves sunsets and believes he is a romantic at heart. The yellow twilight amazes him endlessly. This is the reason why he adores the sea and just cannot live without it on any given day. Alan finds time out from his busy schedule to book a vacation – an act which is appreciated given his tough timelines and meetings set with the clients (Huszczo 2010). He

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