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1. At Faber College, 30% of students take Finite Mathematics, 40% take Statistics and 20% take both. What percent of students take neither Finite Mathematics nor Statistics?

A. 30% B. 60% C. 50% D. 40%

2. The Monroes buy a $315,000 home by putting 20% down and financing the balance with a 30-year fixed-rate 4.35% mortgage, compounded monthly. What is the total amount of interest paid to the lender over the entire 30-year loan?

A. $142,581.60 B. $13,702.50 C. $199,614.86 D. $249,518.57

3. During her four years at college, Niki received A’s in 25% of her courses, B’s in 55% of her courses, and C’s in the remaining 20%. If A = 4, B = 3, and C = 2, find her grade point average.

A. 3.35 B. 3.25 C. 3.15 D. 3.05

4. A normal distribution of raw scores has a mean of 35 and a standard deviation of 4. 68% of the distribution can be found between what two raw scores?

A. 43and27 B. 31and39 C. 35and43 D. 27and35

5. Determine which region corresponds to the feasible region of the system of linear inequalities:

6. As chief financial officer at Apocalyptic Fitness Supply, you track costs and revenue for the daily manufacturing process for your company’s top-selling product, the SpineCrusherTM unstoppable elliptical trainer. Daily production costs are defined by ????(????) = 200???? + 24000 where x = number of units made. ????(????) = 400???? defines daily revenue where x = number of units sold. How many SpineCrusherTM unstoppable elliptical trainers must be sold daily for the manufacturing process to break even ?

A.200 B. 120 C.75 D. 47

7. Which of the corner points for the system of linear inequalities graphed below minimizes the

objective function C = 5x + 4y ?

8. Find equation of a line parallel to 6x – 5y = – 8 passing through (- 3, – 5):

A. 12x-10y=14 B. 5x+6y=-48 C. 6x+5y=-33 D. 10x-12y=30

9. – 10. A home healthcare agency employs registered nurses (RNs) and certified nurse’s assistants (CNAs). An individual RN performs 100 medical care procedures and 40 patient welfare tasks per month, and an individual CNA performs 15 medical care procedures and 280 patient welfare tasks per month. Enough RNs and CNAs are needed per month to perform at least 500 medical procedures and at least 1500 patient welfare tasks. Monthly labor costs are $16000 per RN and $3000 per CNA. The agency wants to minimize labor costs. Let x represent number of RNs employed per month and y represent number of CNAs employed per month.

9. Identify constraint on monthly number of medical care procedures performed:

A. 100????+15????≥500 B. 40????+280????≥1500 C. 15????+100????≥500 D. 280????+40????≥1500

10. State the objective function.

A. ????=3000????+16000???? B. ????=1500????+500???? C. ????=500????+1500???? D. ????=16000????+3000????

11. The amount of money you should deposit quarterly in an account paying 8% compounded quarterly in order to have $100,000 after 20 years can be determined using formula for:

A. Periodic payments: present value of an annuity / installment payment on loan

B. Periodic payments: future value of an ordinary annuity

C. Single payment: compound interest

D. Single payment: simple annual interest

12. Which chart below depicts a histogram of 15 survey responses presented in the following frequency table?

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