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Right now, there is a Tropical Cyclone in the Indian Ocean. It is expected to reach Mozambique later this week. It’s name is Idai.”Destructive winds and flooding rainfall will accompany the forecast landfall of Idai in Mozambique late in the week” (Miller, 2019).  Maximum winds reached 120 mph on Monday, which would be the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane (Dolce, 2019).  According to the National Ocean Service, “Tropical Cyclone” is an umbrella term used to name Hurricanes and Typhoons. However, depending on where the storm is located, it can be called a Tropical Cyclone. Tropical Cyclone is the name given to storms in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean. North Atlantic, central North Pacific, and eastern North Pacific storms are called Hurricanes. North Pacific disturbances are called Typhoons (US Department of Commerce, & National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2013).

According to an article from Weather.com, “Deadly flooding has already occurred this month in Mozambique and southern Malawi” (Dolce, 2019).

It also looks like it’s very hot right now in the Indian Ocean. I spent some time on an island 7° South of the Equator in the Indian Ocean and it was very hot all year round, and humidity often reached 100% by noon.


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Miller, R. (2019, March 12). Tropical Cyclone Idai expected to impact Mozambique this week. Retrieved March 12, 2019, from https:// Department of Commerce, & National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (2013, June 28). What is the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon? Retrieved from https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/cyclone.html


Currently there is a cyclone named Idai set to make landfall between tomorrow and Friday in Mozambique. This cyclone showed tremendous increase in strength very rapidly over the past few days. I have been following the news of this cyclone for days. Cyclone Idai had the strength of a category 4 hurricane this past Monday. “Storm Report South Africa reported that an overall RED alert was issued for Mozambique and red score by GDACS. According to the Saffir-Simpson scale, Cyclone Idai is now an extremely dangerous category 4 storm and has explosively intensified in the past 8 hours, which is expected to make landfall by tomorrow.”(“Parts of Mozambique given until today to evacuate as Cyclone Idai hits hard”, 2019) In Maputo over 62 975 people were already affected by floods and 10 deaths were reported. This is very sad having been there before and knowing how some people there live makes this worse. I keep thinking of the children that I saw running around in the streets and hoping that all of them are safe. I read that there are no warning systems which is making the evacuation efforts a lot harder.  I have attached two photos of letters published by the South-African Weather Service you can find a lot of information about this cyclone there. 


Parts of Mozambique given until today to evacuate as Cyclone Idai hits hard (2019). Retrieved from https://news365.co.za/parts-of-mozambique-gi/

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