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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Factors of Childhood Obesity. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

This essay “Factors of Childhood Obesity” outlines the role of television, genetic and physical activity in this medical and health condition. Obesity is a pathological condition which has now become a matter of global concern. It is a disease associated with the excessive accumulation of fats in the body of individual. Obesity is a condition which can be the base for many degenerative diseases affecting major bodily systems and an interesting aspect is that it can also affect the psychological condition of a person. The epidemic has resulted in increased number of health issues taking place in America including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. Currently many schools have imposed state programs which help children to increase physical activity and have a balanced diet as per the requirements of their body. The calories that they intake are usually burnt with the help of physical activity and if this is not done then the BMI of that individual would increase resulting in obesity. Identifying that we are aware of what this assumption means and providing evidence that we are actually able to take charge of our evolution and not resigned to accepting an obese fate. This research paper will help in providing a better understanding of the factors that lead to childhood obesity. In particular, the research paper concludes that unhealthy food consumption and sedentary lifestyle, two major contributory factors in childhood obesity, can be countered at an early stage with better, healthier food and more physical activities.

About Obesity Obesity is a disease state which was initially considered to have no genetic role in its causation. But recent research has put forward the fact that obesity is a disease state which has both genetic component and environmental factors involved in causing it. It is caused by the deletion or damage in a gene known as Ob gene putting the subjects with these deletions at high risks of developing obesity. A diet rich in fat can also lead to obesity because a high fat diet stimulates a person to eat more. Another important reason for obesity is psychological disorders which include depression, eating disorders like binge eating and increased diet in times of stress. Obesity itself can also serve as a reason because it might lead for a person to lose his self confidence and hence the person loses the will to exercise and adopt weight loss plans (Biddle et al 2009). Literature Review Food Choices: Obesity is the result of a number of factors. unhealthy dietary habits and food consumption patterns remain the most important of them. People, and specially children, are attracted towards junk food and high calorie food stuff. The consumption of calorie-dense food is identified as a highly threatening factor for increased childhood obesity (Veugelers & Fitzgerald, 2005). The most important factor that promotes such unhealthy dietary habits among the children is the exposure of high-calorie food on the television. There is a strong relationship between unhealthy food advertisement and increasing obesity among children Lobstein & Dibb, 2005). On the other

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