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___________ claims that a statement that does not admit the possibility of falsification is not truly an assertion. As an example, he uses the statement “God loves us as a father loves his children,” which, when questioned, must be qualified in order to remain true.

Thomas Aquinas

Antony Flew

Bertrand Russell

Alfred North Whitehead

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____________ argues that religious beliefs are products of human thinking, and that in seeking a higher supernatural or divine force, humans are actually seeking their own higher nature.

Ludwig Feuerbach


Søren Kierkegaard

Gustavo Gutiérrez

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____________ believes that most religious beliefs can be rationally defended, and to illustrate this, provides several arguments offering proof of the existence of God.

Black Elk

Aurelius Augustinus

Martin Buber

Thomas Aquinas

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Like Gutiérrez, Carol Christ claims that ____________ symbolize oppression rather than liberation, and that they are beyond redemption.

patriarchal governments

oligarchic religious traditions

patriarchal religious traditions

institutionalized religious traditions

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Campbell lists several factors that have rendered ancient myths and traditional religious systems useless in contemporary society. ____________ is not one of the factors listed.

Modern industry

An emphasis on self-determination

Modern science

An emphasis on sustainable lifestyles

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After tracing a string of causes backwards to find the initial cause for the movement from potentiality to actuality, Aquinas finally identifies ____________ as the first unmoved cause that put everything else into motion.


the big bang



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Whitehead contends that churches rely on two outdated, inappropriate motivations for adherence to religious belief, the appeal to ____________ and the appeal to ____________.

fear of punishment; the role of religion in ensuring economic order

fear of punishment; the role of religion in ensuring ethical conduct

desire for rewards; the role of religion in ensuring ethical conduct

fear of chaos; the role of religion in establishing legal systems

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In comparing African thinking with Western thinking, ____________ argues that both regions have, at some point in history, adhered to a dominant outlook that was prescientific and spiritualistic.

Lin Yutang

William James

Kwasi Wiredu


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____________ sees Christianity as based on the paradox of God becoming human. Rather than rejecting Christianity because of this paradox, he embraces it on the basis of a leap of faith.

Ludwig Feuerback

Søren Kierkegaard

Thomas Aquinas

Martin Buber

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