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The topic is: What laws exist to control homelessness?

Write a 10-page paper (minimum) in APA format discussing your topic. This paper must be in 3rd person. Make sure that you have narrowed down your topic of research. For example, instead of doing research on homeless children you may consider homeless Native American children, or further specify your topic. All aspects of the APA process will be graded (correct title page, running head, page header, body of the paper, and references). Use only peer-reviewed articles, books, and texts as references (minimum of 6). You must include the following:

1. In-text citations

2. At least one block quotation

3. Introductory paragraph that describes the reason you chose the topic and provides a critical overview of the paper.

4. Literature review section

5. Closing paragraph that summarizes the finding on the issue and describes next steps from your point of view on the issue.

6. Must submit paper to turn-it-in.com prior to turning paper in on the last night of class.

Possible Outline for Research Paper

I. Introduction: What is your research question/ problem or challenge you see with a population/organization/or group of people?

1) Define the problem.

2) What is the scale? How many people does it effect? Local, state, national, global? (facts, statistics)

3) Why is this topic important to social work?

4) Layout the organization of your paper for the reader

II. Literature Review: Each article/source you read you will summarize it with the following:

      a. Who were the authors?

      b. What was their research question or objective?

      c. What was the population of interest?

      d. What research design or analysis method was used?

      e. What did the researcher(s) find?

      f. What do the authors list as their research limitations? 

III. Synthesis: You have summarized all the articles but take it a step further.

                      a. How did one research article inform another

                      b. How was the research the same or different between the articles you read

                    c. Are their common ways the authors are measuring variables? What are the ways (survey, test, observation)?

                    D How are the findings related? Similar, different?

IV. Conclusion: What have you learned that you want to tell the reader

                    a. Restate the research question/problem

                    b. Summarize the knowledge that ou researched to the extent that the research

                        has allowed

                    c. Where should the research go next, what is still unknown that needs to be uncovered.

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