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there is a problem based assignment in business law (The CEO and the Janitor), but I have trouble with these five questions. Any tutors can help with it with specific analysis?

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THE CEO AND THE JANITORTomeson is the LIU old company specializing in prescription drugs for cancer and other potentially*life – threatening diseases . He has heard from a reliable source that his competitor has developedwhat very well may be a cure for colon cancer . Jameson is also aware that his competitor employs_ 16- year – old autistic janitor , Lach , who is a student at Jameson’s son’s high school . Jameson knowsfrom his son that Zach is a genius at computers but that he is otherwise functioning at a third-gradelevel and is incapable of being in mainstream classes .Jameson waits for Lach one evening after work and strikes up a conversation with him . He tells Zachthat he wants him to do an important mission for me . " He tells Zach that Zach’s company is "beingbad " by hiding it’s chemical formula for the colon cancer cure and that Zach can help Jameson getthe chemical formula " so that more people can be helped not to be sick anymore . " Zach agrees , andtells Jameson that it would be really nice to help people . "On the night that Zach is going to try to obtain the chemical formula from his employer’s computersystem , he lets Jameson in by way of a backdoor . The two of them sit down at a company workstation .Zach accesses the company’s various files , and Jameson recognizes what he believes to be thechemical formula he is after . He tells Zach to print the formula , along with some financial and creditcard records of some of the company’s customers . Jameson then leaves and tells Zach that Jamesonwill pick up the printed material from Zach later that night at Zach’s parents’ house . Zach leaves afew minutes later with the printouts in hand .A policeman driving by sees Zach leaving the building . The policeman sees Zach carrying a thickstack of papers and thinks that there is something about Zach’s demeanor that just does not lookright . He tells his partner that they are going to follow Zach home . They do so , and they watch asZach goes inside his parents’ home . The policeman says that he is going to go into the home and" get a look at those documents . " His partner tells him that he is overreacting and says that the two ofthem should get a search warrant . The policeman says he does not want to wait , since to do so wouldrequire waiting until the next day . He goes up to the house and knocks on the door . Zach answersthe door with the stack of papers in his hand . While still outside the front door on the front porch , theCHAPTER 7 : Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes

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