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University Housing System

ABC University provides dormitory housing for approximately half of its students, and housing opportunities for most of its faculty and staff. Students who choose not to live on campus, must find housing in the surrounding community. Currently, the housing office uses a paper-based system to keep track of housing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. Housing listings include: (1) university-owned housing, and (2) housing owned by private parties. The current system is difficult to maintain and keep up-to-date, which is why the new university president approved a request to fund the development of a system to provide easier access and maintenance of listings. You are the systems analyst assigned to this project, and your preliminary investigation reports resulted in approval for you to proceed with the systems analysis phase.

Based on your information gathering to date, you have determined the following about a listing system for the housing office at ABC University:

  • The current listing system revolves around multiple copies of three binders of housing listings. These are separate binders for undergraduate listings, graduate listings, and faculty/staff listings. Within each binder are copies of listings available to a particular group.
  • University owned listings remain in the binders all the time (they are simply flagged as occupied when rented). Private owned listings are reviewed at the end of each month by the housing office staff, and listings older than 2 months are removed unless a listing was edited in the last two months, in which case it will be kept.
  • Listings either are generated by the university housing office from their own housing units, or from private landlords who call the housing office to list vacancies. People search listings (in the binders) according to their search parameters, and if a listing is found to be already rented, they are asked to report it for removal. Private landlords are asked to call in when a property is rented to facilitate the removal of that listing from the binders. The housing office promptly flag university’s units as they are rented.


  1. Draw a Data Flow Diagram (DFD) for the system (only complete the context and zero diagrams).
  2. Create structured English process description for displaying listings based on user type.
  3. Draw a decision tree to reflect the process of removing old listings from the database.

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