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Hoping to have the topic be the history of LGBT inequality and global LGBT movements. So stuck anything helps even helping me find sources

Format/Technical: All papers must be typed, at least 5-7p in length, with 12-pointfont and 1″ inch margins. Do not use long quotations to fill up space! A few lines or an incomplete page on the 5th page does NOT meet minimum length. Students who do not adhere to the formatting guidelines will be penalized. All essays should be thoroughly proofread. Each paper should have your full name at the top, as well as the words, “History 105/305, Section __” and a title.

Assignment: This course is designed to explore the roots of five critical contemporary issues over the course of the semester, one each from the themes of Humans and the Environment, Our Shrinking World, Inequality, Diverse Ways of Thinking, and the Roots of Contemporary Conflicts. Your job in this paper is to choose a contemporary issue of your own choice and to write paper tracing its deep historical and global roots. 

Sources: Much of the research for this paper will have been done in your Library Assignment, which should have explored the contemporary issue you wish to write. Go back to these sources, and then add at least one more book and one more academic journal article to your bibliography. You should have a total of 8 sources in your bibliography. At least 6 different sources must be cited in-text in your footnotes. All sources must be properly cited in a formal bibliography attached to the end of the paper, which does not count in your fivepages.Effective use of sources includes analysis of those sources and how they relate to your argument.  

The Paper: Make sure your introduction clearly introduces your contemporary issue, the central points about what you found, and which two themes of the course your issue relates to. The body of your paper should clearly identify the historical roots of your contemporary issue through time and across space. Remember to provide a conclusion that brings all the various parts of your essay together, especially addressing the question of how an understanding of the past is or is not important to understanding your issue in the present.

Citation: You should cite primary and secondary sources that you have used in your research using the footnoting style used in most history writing, outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style. At least 6 different sources must be cited in-text in your footnotes.

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