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1.True or false: examples of cooperation are rare in nature?

A True

B False

2.In the Prisoner’s Dilemma, which scenario leads to the least cumulative jail time (the sum of each criminal’s sentence) for the criminals?

A both prisoners remain silent

B both prisoners defect (tattle on each other)

C 1 prisoner defects (tattles), the other remains silent (cooperates with fellow prisoner) 

3.In the Prisoner’s Dilemma, which scenario leads to the least possible jail time for an individual prisoner?

A.both prisoners tattle on each other

B.he/she rats out partner, partner remains silent

C.both prisoners remain silent

4.In the Prisoner’s Dilemma, which scenario leads to the most possible cumulative jail time for the pair of prisoners?

A.both tattle

B.both remain silent

C.one tattles, the other remains silent

5.True or false: if a vampire bat doesn’t find food one night, he or she will beg for food from a roost-mate who may share some of his/her food by regurgitating it into the first bat’s mouth. At a later date, if the original sharing bat doesn’t find food, the original bat is likely to return the favor of sharing food. This is an example of “direct reciprocity.”



6.To which types of organisms and parts of organisms do the 5 mechanisms of cooperation (direct and indirect reciprocity, group selection, kin selection, and spatial selection) apply? (choose all that apply)




D.Amoebas (single-celled organisms)


7.Which of the following has been a driving force of evolution? (choose all that apply)



8.Which of the following mechanisms of cooperation apply especially strongly to humans relative to other nonhuman organisms?

A group selection

B indirect reciprocity

C direct reciprocity

D kin selection

E spatial selection

9.Which of the following increase the likelihood that a person will cooperate generously? (choose all that apply)

A the cooperative behavior is public (i.e reputation is on the line)

B the cooperative behavior is anonymous

C individuals believe that the need to cooperate is real

D the cooperative behavior is monitored (watched)

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