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In January 2011, The Marist Poll published a report stating that 66% of adultsnationally think licensed drivers should be required to retake their road testonce they reach 65 years of age. It was also reported that interviews wereconducted on 1,018 American adults, and that the margin of error was 3%using a 95% confidence level.(a) Verify the margin of error reported by The Marist Poll.(b) Based on a 95% confidence interval, does the poll provide convincingevidence that more than 70% of the population think that licensed driversshould be required to retake their road test once they turn 65?

An instructor decided to run two slight variations of the same exam. Prior topassing out the exams, she shuffled the exams together to ensure eachstudent received a random version. Summary statistics for how studentsperformed on these two exams are shown in the Table below. Anticipatingcomplaints from students who took Version B, she would like to evaluatewhether the difference observed in the groups is so large that it providesconvincing evidence that Version B was more difficult (on average) than

Many people believe that gender, weight, drinking habits, and many otherfactors are much more important in predicting blood alcohol content (BAC)than simply considering the number of drinks a person consumed. Here weexamine data from sixteen student volunteers at Ohio State University whoeach drank a randomly assigned number of cans of beer. These studentswere evenly divided between men and women, and they differed in weightand drinking habits. Thirty minutes later, a police officer measured their bloodalcohol content (BAC) in grams of alcohol per deciliter of blood. Thescatterplot and regression table summarize the findings.

question. The data are from n = 214 females in statistics classes at theUniversity of California at Davis. The variables are y = student’s self-reportedheight, x1 = student’s guess at her mother’s height, and x2 = student’s guessat her father’s height. Build a regression model in R to predict student’sheight using the mother’s height and father’s height. Write the equation of theregression line below (1 point). Instructor will review screen recordings ofstudents’ exam sessions to verify the use of R, which accounts for half of thetotal points of this question (worth 1 point).

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