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Learning Resource Center (LRC) Project

Purpose:  The purpose of this project is to reinforce the learning outcomes of this course which are to:

  • distinguish between criminal law and civil law
  • apply Constitutional protections to fact situations relating to alleged criminals
  • apply Constitutional protections to fact patterns related to individuals under arrest
  • identify the steps in a criminal trial (pre and post conviction)
  • demonstrate knowledge of discovery procedures in criminal actions
  • list elements of various crimes
  • discuss ethical consideration faced in representing and defending the accused


  1. Research the laws about self-defense laws in the state of your choice (your home state is recommended).
  2. Locate at least five (5) references (using the LRC) that discuss the elements of self-defense, to include the “castle doctrine” and “stand your ground” rules.
  3. Answer the following questions:
    1. What are the four elements of self-defense?
    2. Discuss each of the elements and describe how they apply to the self-defense justification?
    3. What is the “castle doctrine”?
    4. What is “stand your ground”?
    5. How are these doctrines applied in your state?
  4. Present your information in one of three formats:  a research paper, a slide presentation, or a short video clip (feel free to be creative!). 

LRC Project Part 4  (150 points)- Submit your Final LRC Project.  

NOTE:  This LRC Project is worth a total of 200 points (20%) of your overall grade. 

Special Instructions:

You may choose one out of three formats for your assignment:

  • Research paper: (This should consist of a Title page, 4 to 6 double spaced pages, and a Reference page)
  • Slide Presentation (Prezi or MS Power Point): (This should consist of a Title slide, 4 to 6 slides of material, a Reference slide, detailed speaker’s notes in the note section and colorful clip art or photos that represent your case).
  • Short Video: (This should consist of 10 to 15 minute visual presentation that introduces you, your case, and the questions listed below)
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