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Complete 26 pages APA formatted article: Human Behavior Academy and Its Micro-Environment. Marketing plan is an effective set of practices of an organization in terms of generating value to the customers along with ensuring proper communication and delivery of the products and/or services to manage a feasible relationship with the clients in ways that offer profit assistance for both the organization and its stakeholders (McLeish 10-18) Human Behavior Academy (HBA) Ltd is a voluntary organization that seeks to provide education with regard to developing the human value, knowledge and attitudes. The organization intends to deal with attitude and behaviour that intersects with the business, psychology, communication, social work along with other crucial aspects of all businesses and industries in the present scenario. Moreover, HBA aims to develop professionalism creating values and morals of the working individuals. With respect to the organizational structure of HBA, the organization deals with book publication, chartered programs along with providing chartered, attitude and behaviour consulting facilities for the professionals in order to build a healthy community at the individual level within the fiercely competitive business world. With due consideration to the organization’s mission and vision statements, HBA can be identified to follow a holistic approach to identify the measures of attitude and behaviour in order to shape the prime objectives of the organization. The organization in this regard possesses a belief that in the current phenomenon, it is becoming increasingly crucial to analyze the behaviour and the attitudes deciphered by other community members in order to secure their survival. Based on this philosophy, the organizations’ mission statement has been significantly focused on the importance of awareness of human attitude and behaviour which can be considered as the major influential aspects of mental health.&nbsp.Furthermore, the organizational mission has been envisioned with the concept of maintaining a balanced and healthy community by means of educating people regarding their and their peers’ psychological conditions understanding their attitudinal and behavioural traits.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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