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I was wondering if u can show me the chemical equilibrium approach when calculating the ph for the study question (vi) with an explanation. On the worksheet it says the two ways I have to do it thank

9:13 72 of 3CHEM 14BLReport Guideline for the Buffer Analysis AssignmentSpring 2019Pre-lab report must be written in the lab notebook.(ll) Pre-lab Report Guideline(v) MSDS information (refer to the MSDS handouts for details)HCI (0.IM – 2.5M or 0.IN – 2.5N)You should record the following MSDS information in your notebook for the chemicals listed above.Printouts directly from Web pages will NOT be accepted for grading.Important: Reference the site (ie. write down the URL address) that you used for each of the chemical(a)Product Name(b)( c )Chemical FormulaFormula Weight(for pure solid or pure liquid only)(d)(for pure solid or pure liquid only)(e)Spill and Disposal procedures (summarize in your own words)Sketch the NFPA label for the assigned compoundThere is no need to define the ratings. You should have already copied all the rating definitions in yournotebook during the MSDS exercise. In addition to referencing the MSDS site, you will also need toindicate the lab notebook pages that contain the NFPA definitions that you did at the beginning of thequarter.(vi)Complete the following study question:You should read SMR09 especially EXAMPLE 16.2 (pages 718- 719) before you start working onthe study question. It will help you to complete the study question. The topic of buffer chemistrywas also discussed extensively in Chemistry 14A. You should also review the lecture material onhow to calculate equilibrium pl for a buffer solution.Calculate the equilibrium pl for a buffer that consists of 0.35M weak acid (HA) and 0.65Mof its conjugate base (A ) using both the chemical equilibrium approach AND theHenderson-Hasselbalch equation.PK, of HA = 4.95Show ALL your work.For the chemical equilibrium approach, you should solve the pl WITHOUT using anyapproximation or assumption.Do your results agree with each other? Briefly explain the reasoning behind why it does ordoes not match.CHEM14BLSpring 2019Report Guideline for the Buffer Analysis AssignmentPre-lab report must be written in the lab notebook.(ll) Pre-lab Report Guideline

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