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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Male and Female Equality. It is a fact that the physiology of males and females has immense differences. The male body is much stronger than the female body and in many cases, males exhibit stronger mental power than the females. Based on the above differences in the physiology and psychology of males and females, many people argue that some jobs can be done only by males whereas some other jobs may only be done by the females. But most of the female community doesn’t like such segregation and they are of the view that it is possible for the female community to do any jobs like the male community. This paper briefly analyses both the sides of the argument “Are there any jobs that should be done only by men or only by women?” and supports diving jobs based on gender differences.

“On 8 April 1970, a group of young women marched down Copenhagen’s main pedestrian street, Stroget. They shouted slogans against the cosmetic industry’s exploitation of women and demanded equal pay. On the placards, they had written: “Women, stand up!”. With enormous stuffed bosoms, big hats, false eyelashes, and red stockings, they brought not only their slogans but also their own young bodies to the attention of the public (Gender Equality and Feminism, p.2)

The call for equality by feminists has started in the ’70s and it spread all over the world immediately. The suppressed women community argued for equality in all the areas of human life and they argued that it is possible for the females to perform all the tasks just like the males and denying them equal pay and opportunities are not good for a civilized society like the present one. They have cited many examples to prove their claims. They have argued that women already proved their abilities in politics (Indira Gandhi, Golda Mayor, etc), science (Madam Curie), space exploration (Valentina Tereshkova), mountaineering (Bachendri Pal), Management (Indra Nui), etc and it is impossible to cite an area in which women failed miserably. Under such circumstances, feminists are of the opinion that women should be allowed to come out from kitchens and to participate in the nation-building process along with the men.

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