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Need an argumentative essay on Referee Report on Published Paper: Williams, Heidi, 2009, Intellectual property rights and innovation: Evidence from the human genome. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It does so by analysing human genome sequencing that was done by the public Human Genome Project and Celera, a private entity. It also estimates the effects of Celeras gene-level IP on outcomes of successive research and product development. The result of the analysis was that:

This paper tackles a pertinent topic with the use of empirical evidence in shading light on intellectual property. The fact that the author uses a scenario with two key players (Public Human Genome Project and the private firm Celera) is an exemplary way of showing what works and what does not work. Taking this topic from an empirical point of view brings out IP variations across a rather large group of ex ante similar technologies. In addition, the author has shown how it traces out the impacts of IP on subsequent scientific research investments and product development outcomes. However, even though I agree that the author has done an admirable job, there are some concerns observed that I should be addressed before the paper is ready for publication.

The main issue that needs to be addressed is that although you have clearly stated your intention of analyzing the human genome sequencing by both public Human Genome Project and Celera, a private organization, and estimating the effect of Celera’s gene-level IP on the ensuing scientific research and product development outcomes, I can see that you have only focused on genetic sequencing of the human genome. You need to give equal weight to all the objectives of your study and only after that can you be able to decide on a more significant objective.

Be more specific about the historical accounts you refer to when you mention the relevance of selective DNA sequencing of the early years of the public effort. It is advisable to use known references when referring to time so as to give credibility to the information you are presenting.

You have not had not clearly stated whether

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