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I will pay for the following essay APN Professional Development Plan. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The APN development plan involves the practising nurses in America. The development plan will be limited to the register nurses who have acquired masters’ degree. The development focuses on the APN who have completed three years practising as nurses. The development plan is aimed to make sure that APNs are more competed and provide sufficient care to the patients.

The scope of APN practise composes of the integrative, technical abilities and cognitive of the registered and qualified nurse to practise safe and ethical acts, protocols, procedures and practical guidelines. In respect to education, an APN must have a post graduate education in the field of nursing or in nursing. For effectiveness in work place the advance practising nurse are equipped with clinical education, skills, scope and knowledge of practise in nursing. The APN clinical practise is based on scientific matters and applicable to secondary, primary and tertiary settings of health care practise. The role of the APN involves the peer education and dimension of patient, clinical leadership and mentorship (Stanley, 2010).

In work APN applies an integration of theory, experience and practise together with autonomy in intervention and judgement. The post graduate education is indented to teach the nurse to apply different approaches to manage individual’s or group’s care, make decision and collaborate effectively with the client in order to get the best outcome. The APN has four areas of specialization which a nurse is required to undertake. The specialization includes nurse anaesthetists, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and clinical nurse specialists. The nurse anaesthetists are registered in United States under the certified registered nurse or CRNAs. The nurse midwives are registered under the CNMs certified nurse midwives in United States. Each nurse is allowed to concentrate in a certain speciality in healthcare. The APN roles are regulated and controlled by a specific

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