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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Should people in the military who are underage be allowed to drink alcohol.

On the other hand, the opponents point out that the existing law prohibits underage drinking. Such division warrants a deeper examination of the issue from a multi-faceted approach.

The US law espouses that the youth below the age of the twenty-one years should not take alcohol while serving in the military. Many states in the US have enforced the laws restrict the underage from drinking. Article XXI of the US Constitution bans the underage from possessing and consuming alcohol.

Statistics indicate that heavy drinking and substance abuse is a huge problem that has plagued the military. The personnel use alcohol to relieve boredom, stress, loneliness, and lack of recreational activities.

The US laws that control the underage drinking is applicable even on overseas deployments. Hence, the youths should comply with the US laws, even if the host country allows the underage use of alcohol.

A good example of the application of the US law is evident at the US-Mexican border. The Mexico laws allow people less than twenty-one years to drink alcohol. However, the military ensured that the US youths did not take the alcohol by enforcing the existing laws that prohibit underage drinking.

The people below the age of twenty-one years are not mature enough to exercise the responsibility of their lives. Hence, allowing the youths to drink alcohol can affect the delivery of duties in the military.

The application of the law is on equal measure to all the US citizens. The laws are clear that people under the age of twenty-one years should not possess and consume alcohol. The choice to join the military does not imply that the youths are above the law.

Joining the military is a choice that one makes. The fact that the youths have enlisted in the military does not mean their brains are mature enough to take alcohol responsibly. In fact, studies have shown the people under the age of twenty-one years cannot make conscious decisions.

It is not advisable to

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