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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on International or External Marketing Environment. It needs to be at least 2000 words. The corporate strategy plays a significant role in building a bridge between the company’s inner policies and the undertakings it has with the various stakeholders, who could be from the external marketing settings. (Korzeniowski, 2001)

Marketing in a developing country like India is much different than it is in a developed nation, the United States for example. The differences arise in the way works are done as well as the manner in which people are held accountable and answerable for their respective tasks and job natures. Conducting business within the USA and India is also different because both have distinct cultures of their own. Their people speak different languages, adapt to a number of traditions and have family make-ups of a completely distinct proposition. (Enright, 2000)

Marketing in different venues of the world is a difficult yet interesting proposition. What might be hailed as a suitable entity in one location could be judged as a sheer loser in another country or business marketplace for that matter. Marketing takes care of the social and cultural concepts of the place. Thus it is pertinent to note that different business markets of the world have differences in them nonetheless. A developing country has a developing market and the business which is widespread in its environs is something that has just started or remained within the realms of its exploration. On the other hand, a developed business environment sustains growth and the profitability from the business standpoint is a part and parcel thing. Misunderstandings are an understood notion in a society such as of the USA where people adhered to an agreed and applied culture but did not actually know the facets of the followed traditions and the cultural history. It was thus the role of the scholars and intellectuals to make the people know more about their culture, no&nbsp.matter how opposed the social customs and traditions were in American society.&nbsp.

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