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Write a 3 page essay on Each of you should conduct any necessary to ID and describe what you believe to be a significant trend that will influence how we market products and services different in the next five years.

Most of the developed countries had begun using the high-technology long time ago, and the overall cost of factor input is high to the firms. In this regard, most companies offering the high-technology services are seeking business in the developing nations where there is increasing demand and cheaper wage bill for the experts. As the governments of such developing countries promote higher education, there is a growing demand by the institution for high-technology services installation in an attempt to make the learners competitive. This trend is opening up more market for hi-tech service providers, and this is likely to continue for more than five years to come. In addition to that, the few trained high-technology personnel in the developing countries are relatively cheaper in terms of wage due to the lower cost of living and this provides a better opportunity for the service providing firms.

This trend is likely to impact significantly in the overall increase ,in high-technology application among the citizens in developing countries. As the government and private sector continue collaborating to advocate more funding towards high-technology services in the learning institution, there will be a gradual adoption of the same in their management practices. Government institutions and private sector are likely to invest in high-technology services in their administrative services as most of the graduates are expected to have familiarized themselves with basic concepts. This will lead to a vicious cycle of high-technology services demand leading to the expansion of the industry in the developing world which is relatively large (Gaeta, 2013). This means that more marketing programs are being shifted towards the developing countries as the firms grapple with increasing costs and dwindling profit margin. In the next five years and beyond, intensive

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