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This argument forms the basis of my thesis that resources and geographical endowments led to the industrial revolution in Britain.

The geographical location of Britain provided an advantage to Britain in the race for industrialization. Farming resulting from the domestication of animals started in Britain, and this led to the agricultural revolution. In fact, agriculture in the rest of the world began many years after Britain had tried her hand at farming. It is this agricultural revolution that brought about growth. Nevertheless, it is not all obvious that growth and markets get you an industrial revolution. Industrial revolution was something diverse that generally involved, immense increases in energy use per capita.

The extensive deposits of coal provided sufficient fuel for use in factories as well as in the generation of electricity. Moreover, Britain had certain institutional and other kinds of arrangements that facilitated the industrial revolution. However, they werent sufficient without some different things, like the location of huge coal deposits (Laichas, 2007). Iron was also in plenty and utilized for agricultural tools, chains, nails, horse stirrups, bolts sickles, locks and anchors (Laichaz, 2007). The relatively small size of Britain made transportation of these minerals, quick and reasonably cheap. The need to pump water out of these coal mines led to the invention of the steam engine. The same steam engines were later used in cotton mills with their efficiency improved.

The cultural strengths of Britain as evidenced in the technological innovations also made it an ideal place for industrialization to thrive. Engineering and machine tools were invented now and then and complimented the human labor that was in force. In 1764, James Hargreaves invention of the Spinning Jenny ensured that yarn could be produced in greater quantities. The power loom and the steam engine further revolutionized the cotton

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