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Write 5 page essay on the topic Booker T. Washington, Maria W. Stewart, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Ida B. Wells.

ere opposition to racially-motivated violence, self-help, and accommodation, while in the twentieth century, fighting for equal rights and freedoms was already practical because almost forty years have passed since the Declaration of Emancipation and yet widespread lynching and racial segregation and discrimination prevented blacks from being free American citizens.

Washington, Stewart, Du Bois, and Wells vehemently opposed racially-motivated violence, especially the lynching of black people, which was a fitting response to racial violence. Stewart resisted all forms of violence and discrimination against colored people. In a speech called “An Address at the African Masonic Hall,” which was delivered to the African Masonic Hall in Boston, Stewart noted how white society trained blacks to be helpless and fearful of whites: “Most of our color have been taught to stand in fear of the white man from their earliest infancy, to work as soon as they could walk, and call ‘master’ before they scarce could lisp the name of mother.” Because of this fear, some whites used lynching to apply their own brand of justice on blacks. Washington wrote about his sentiments regarding lynching, which for him is wrong because it breaches the due process of the law. He stressed in Birmingham Age-Herald: “If the law is disregarded when a Negro is concerned, it will soon be disregarded when a white man is concerned.” He emphasizes that lynching is not only unjust for blacks because when practiced across the nation, it can lead to widespread disregard for the law. Washington also asserts that lynching harms racial relations: “…the rule of the mob destroys the friendly relations which should exist between the races and injures and interferes with the material prosperity of the communities concerned.” Because Washington values peaceful racial relations, he believes that lynching only intensifies the animosity between whites and blacks. Du Bois witnessed the lynching of

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