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Need an argumentative essay on Appeal letter (defer standing). Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

She controls my credit card and has twice failed to give me money for my daily upkeep and tuition fees. As an international student, this affects my schoolwork as the stress of finding money to cater for tuition fees and daily life is very high. I did not perform very well in my last exams, thus she sent me back to china. However, through begging she gave me a second chance.

On 30th December last year, I went to China to visit my folks. Unfortunately, my parents had already divorced and father was now living with his younger lover. The new relationship that my father was into was now over two years old. It was depressing that my father cheated on my mother before the divorce with this girl. Before my arrival in China, I thought everything could turn up well but contrary the opposite happened. I got more depressed. What was annoying is that father treated the new girl much better than my mother. he showered her with love and care. He also prepared food for the new girlfriend something I have never seen him do for my mother. This made my life more unbearable, anger and jealousy clouded my mind. China was now intolerable and at some moment felt like returning to Canada. However, going to Canada at that time could not be possible considering the intense and deteriorative relationship with my aunt.

The divorce agreement of my parents saw my mother retain the house. However, her wages are low making it difficult for her to pay the rent while sustaining the family. My mother’s death only worsened the situation. it deeply affected me emotionally and psychologically. It is a miracle I stayed strong until now. Each day was a nightmare and concentrating with my academic revision was impossible. Many times my mind was clouded with things beyond my control, always thinking on how unfair life has become.

Last year I was very serious with my academics, always reviewing my notes in time and reading ahead of the teacher. However, now I seem to

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