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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Promotion of Wine Coolers in Argentina. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. With that respect, this paper will seek to carry out the promotion of wine coolers in Argentina.

To attain big and potential markets, promoting wine coolers will require appealing internet and mobile advertising to encourage alcohol drinkers to increase their alcohol consumption. This will require posting information regarding the product on social networks like twitter and Facebook where the targeted buyers are familiar with these sites. In addition, they must persuade the target audience to switch their wine cooler brands and encourage non-alcohol drinkers to begin consuming (Pan American Health Organization 56). Ensuring relevant market segmentation and target marketing delivers standard business practices that help to expand the number of buyers and consumers in the population. A report released by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that, white Argentines drink more than nonwhites do.

Wine coolers share a particular product attribute with other alcohol-based products commonly consumed by the youth. They resemble soft drinks in their fruity, sweet flavoring and their colorful single-serving sized packaging. With reference to Monitoring the Future, the annual survey carried out by the federal government regarding drinking and drug use in a sample of around twenty thousand students across Argentina, wine coolers are the only alcoholic beverage category more popular with girls than boys are. In spite of its success in grabbing the biggest market share, its bright colors, confusing labels, and cartoon spokes characters drawn some criticism from other industries (Mullin 127). At this point, producing this product locally and employing Export Management Company services to help in distributing the product can leave the product with a price that is competitive. This strategy can also make sure retailers get the product at a reasonable and effective price that leaves competitive space for the wine.

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