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Need an argumentative essay on Diversity of Approaches. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Most of the final products as the final works of various developers might require integration at some point of which could prove challenging. This is acceptable especially where no common ground rules have been designed to monitor and control most of the upcoming software.

Technology developers, relying on hardware and software, are constantly releasing upgrades or superior hardware with improved features. For the cases where software is used to develop other applications or as a base development platform then the developer has to adjust to fit into the changes. Take the Android development platform, for instance, the entry is in constant advancement to more stable forms after some turn out to be flawed. Modeling also changes especially where fixes were developed to correct bugs or another form of loopholes. Cloud hardware is a perfect example of the growing technology where virtualized resources are run by software. The changes emerging changes must be met by the developer to run on the intended hardware. This implies that if this is not checked through the correct modeling it will be expensive to make corrections and thus the advocating for the diversity (Nunes & Cunha, 2010).

A human resource firm has different needs to those requested by a telephone or internet service providing company. The diversification is also critical to ensure that the implemented model features all the required entities and emphasis is held on the development time and resources used especially for large applications. One organization would probably require the whole program sufficient to run a different business as part of their masterpiece. Incorporating both of these requires skills and extensive skills in project modeling during the software development lifecycle.

The number of systems as a form of diversification does not pass the test as it is entirely covered in the different organizations has different needs, option above,

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