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Need an argumentative essay on Military lessons learned. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

They focus on operating plans and details to go one step further at a time (Harris and White, 1987, p. 110). They are also more focused on little things than the generalized point-of-view. Logisticians are different from tactical planners since they are the ones responsible for inventories and knowing the use of resources and their whereabouts. They do that to achieve the objectives. Their works include combining and application of information, material transfer, storage and protection. They may use equipment or computers to easily store and retrieve the data regarding the analysis and predictions on resource use (Kane, 2001). Strategic thinkers are the ones responsible for the general direction of the organization like armed forces. They try to answer the questions why and how instead of what. They are concerned with wider arrays of methods to reach the desired future. Their works are then supported by both the logisticians and tactical planners. Strategic thinkers are not conventional type of people as they make use of odd and different ways to create opportunities that sometimes can be provocative regarding the direction of a group. They perform the operation called strategic thinking wherein it serves as the precursor of strategic planning (Heuser, 2010, p. 456). Since the armed forces always engage in defense and sometimes go to war, they really needed the thinkers and planners on how to use their armed members to the fullest to achieve the objective.

Leadership may be proven to be handy in the case of armed forces since planning is part of the function of leaders. They should be able to delegate the works toward the achievement of their goals. In addition, leadership skills serve as the binding agent of an organization and traverse the same direction toward growth. In the process, big and small plans are needed and can be categorized as short-term and long-term plans. They contain deadlines, procedures and delegated

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