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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Literature Assg 2 A.

also has attempted to show different layers of human existence and how impulsive or biased judgements, blinded by pride or prejudice can lead to catastrophe. The King, like most of the human beings, also believed in false display of affection, whereas, he ignored and disrespected genuine feeling of those who are loyal to him. Thus, Shakespeare, within scope of the play has dealt with an essential human tendency of being attracted towards exhibition or show off or false elaboration of emotions and how an individual, trapped within such falsehood, forgets to appreciate and acknowledge genuine human feelings, consequently leading to his tragedy.

Thesis Statement: The two daughters of the King surely have a major role to play in deepening the tragic plight of their father kin King Lear. However, the seeds of tragic and painful ending of the King were already sowed during Lear’s desperate rejection of Cordelia’s true affection, honesty and respect for him. Thus, besides holding the elder daughters responsible for his catastrophe, it is also important to consider his false choices, which he made out of prejudiced observation, as catalysts for his tragic end.

A close and critical study of the four major Shakespearean tragedies, namely, Hamlet, King Lear, Othello and Macbeth, would clearly show that in each of these dramas the dramatist has exhibited certain common themes and a specific sequential approach to evoke the sense of tragic aesthetics. Hamlet’s tragedy is caused due to his dilemmatic nature and the existential crisis that he suffers from, in case of King Lear, the kingly pride, a stubborn sense of supremacy and overdependence to others, in this case on children, to decide the course of his life, have resulted in his fall. Finally, his realization regarding the wrong choices he made evoked in him a philosophical self that helps him to look deep in reality, keeping aside his trivial pride. Othello cannot escape his tragic plight due to the conjoint

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