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They are sources of energy mainly derived from living components from a previous geological field .Fossil fuels include: petroleum, natural gas and coal (Curley, 2012). Overtime petroleum reserves have been over utilized. Consequently, there is an inevitable decline in oil reserves,which could result in serious economic problems. For example The united states of America faces a huge decline in the energy supplies in the next twenty years which will threaten the economic stability of the country. The energy sector is critical in all countries since it affects other sectors such as the agriculture and transport sector. In developing countries such as Nigeria and southern Sudan there has been constant conflicts in human rights violation due to the presence of oil reserves.

Domestic Technology ensures that the human population live comfortably.It takes the form of home appliances which include computers, cars washing machines,power generators,and telephones.Consequently, people refer to technology as a tool that empowers people.For instance cars can be used to travel from one place to another.

Telephones on the other hand can be used to facilitate communication, making the world a global village. However, it is important to note that some of these components can be used to commit crimes and facilitate unethical behaviors in the society.

Distributive justice focuses on the fair allocation of services among the society members. Moreover, it advocates for the equal distribution of available resources to all people (Armstrong, 2012) . In developing countries, many people survive on less than a dollar a day. This clearly indicates the inequalities affecting many people around the world. Therefore, it is the mandate of the government to invest in infrastructural projects to ensure that the living standards of the people improve significantly. Lastly, there is a need for increased trading and a free

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