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Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Masculinity Studies.

factors that Kimmel’s studies are based on, influential feminists, contributions that he has made to the society and the practical applications of his subject.

Kimmel, like most other activists, has a story behind his indulgence in the subject, which explains why he decided to become an activist. When Kimmel was in graduate school, his partner was working at a shelter. He used to frequently drop her at the shelter as she dint know to drive. Since Kimmel got used to this routine, he used to occasionally drop women at the shelter or drive them to the hospital with their kids. It was in this routine that he encountered certain events that affected him greatly, which encouraged him to become the renowned activist he is now. While he helped out these women from time to time, he realized that women being beaten up and treated badly were issues so common. There were points of time when he felt that this had to stop and did not seem to know that to do about it. When asked about what touched Kimmel the most, he talks about when there was one woman with broken limbs and a fractured jaw, who, through her fractured jaw said, “Sometimes I deserve it, but this time I didnt.” When he said to the woman that she needs to make him stop, she said that he was a man too and that Kimmel should probably talk to them. At that instance Kimmel decided upon the fact that he definitely wants to change the way things are and began to work for it. He committed himself to working with men who used to beat up their wives or abuse them. Slowly he got drawn into various groups of non violence against torture, rape and ill treatment.

This incident played a major role in shaping Kimmel into feminist that he is today. Kimmel’s participation in the Santa Cruz Men Against Rape organization was his first indulgence in a political engagement. He soon found himself as part of the National Organization Of Men Against Sexism. Since then, Kimmel was an academic researcher, was writing books on

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