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Need an argumentative essay on New york. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

There were beams of light everywhere. It was so loud out there. 3:00 am seemed like 3:00 pm. At one point, I was so startled that I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was awake. The chilling night was so full of life. To see it, my brain produced lots of adrenalin. Overjoyed, I took the jacket off! It felt too warm inside it.

I put my helmet on and sat upon the motorbike. I gave it a kick. Soon as the engine turned on, the pistons roared alive. One, two, three and then, tuck, the fourth gear made me pierce through the wind on the highway as I drove the bike. Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Wall Street, World Trade Centre and Ellis Island all rushed past me as I wiggled through the Downtown Manhattan. I was driving so fast I could only see blurred images. I felt like running through time. Aaaaaaa… New York gave me all in one! Left turn, zoooOOOOMMM….chchchch…right turn, zoooooooOOmm…chchch. Half way through the street, a pimp winked me. It was quite dark in there. I could only see white skin in the twilight for the jet black dress merged with the black night. For a fraction of a second, I took her for an alien, No no…rather a zombie! until she stepped forward and her silky black miniskirt shined in the twilight. Ahaaan Ahaannn! Not me, not me, no no no nunununnnnoo I kicked the bike start, and zoomed out of her sight.

Aha… New York peeeeetza….floudup..aah! I parked my bike across the Ottimo on the West 24th Street. I locked the bike, put off the helmet and proceeded towards the restaurant. Tuck, tuck, tuck, tuck…the wooden floor clapped as my heels stroke it. It was an old fashioned Italian restaurant. The crowded place at 4:30 am told me how special it was. I ordered a chicken fajita pizza with lots of mozzarella topping burnt in the wood oven. In some good 15 minutes, it was served. Mozzarella was bubbling gold. Corners of chicken cubes showed up through the mozzarella all along the diameter of the pizza. Mushrooms,

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