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Need an argumentative essay on Personal develop plan. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

It is the means through which ideas are exchanged between people. I believe developing effective communication skills is important to effect any change.

Even though I have these positive attributes there are some weaknesses in my communication. Although am clear and concise, my speech is sometimes stilted, and too formal1. This is evidence of tension and not being relaxed enough. Sometimes people find it difficult to follow my argument. Feedback shows that at times it is not easy to understand the flow of my argument or presentation of ideas. These are challenges I need to work and improve on, and I will do so in the following ways.

In order to present a perfect argument or presentation through speech, I have to practice public speaking more often. I have to practice in order to be confidence when speaking smoothen my presentation. As I gain confidence, I will see a marked improvement.

I will utilize the learning support offered by the University, to improve my writing skills. This will have a positive impact on my grades as my ideas will be well thought out written works. Better grades will be the resultant effect of this2. I will also dedicate enough time to research to enhance the quality of my presentation.

Team work refers to the ability to fit in a group and successfully achieve the set goal or goals. The ease with which one fits and work in a group is the above mentioned skill. Working as a unit is important as it leads to division of tasks or assignment, which in turn yields faster and credible solutions. As far as this particular skill is concerned I believe am well above average. I have been in many situations where it was mandatory to be a team player and also situation where I have exhibited my leadership qualities. I have worked part-time in my uncle’s repair store. I was just but one of the employees. The nature of the work was such that we all relied on each other in order to do a

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