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Write 2 page essay on the topic Describe an activity.

h the questions that Cvitanic and Hoegerman (2013), Opinion Co-Editors of Daily Nexus, asked: “What can we learn [from these negative effects of our social activities]?” These beach cleanups made me realize that, apart from school activities, community experiences contribute to my development as a global, environmental citizen, if I both learn how to ask questions and to offer answers through personal and collective action.

Community interactions, especially through voluntary experiences, help me become a global citizen because I ask action-oriented actions and offer solutions and contribute to collective action. Sexuality is not wrong, but leaving behind litter because of its expression is. After finding numerous used and unused condoms, I thought about how irresponsible these people must be to have sex so openly and yet not minding their trash. Paul and Elder (1999) underscored the importance of asking questions in teaching, learning, and thinking. They said: “Questions define tasks, express problems and delineate issues.” Many of those who litter in Isla Vista are not only community members, but also outsiders. My questions go to all of us who partake in these community events are: How should global citizens inject responsibility into the meaning of “partying” in modern society? How can be nurture thinkers who ask their accountability for their community actions? Because of these cleanups, I realized the role of thinking in being responsible global citizens who visit and attend different community affairs. Apart from asking questions, these volunteer experiences helped me offer personal solutions, while contributing to collective efforts. As I clean up, I reduce litter in the beach, and together with volunteers, we hopefully provide a model of good conduct to the community. These efforts contribute to my global citizenship by making me aware of my connection to others through our oneness in the community.

Apart from global citizenship, I learned

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