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From the various reports, recruiting and retaining competent teachers is a major issue as is the quality of instruction. Majority of the parents report that their children had a teacher that is performing poorly in at least a single subject.

Dr. Sagan alludes to the “coolness” of learning in the preceding chapter, and now we hear from students and parents directly on the issue of how peer pressure and social expectations can make learning “uncool”. What do you think? Did you see a pressure not to be “a nerd” when you were going through grade school? How about now? What do you think causes this? How do we fix it?

It is true peer pressure can making learning to be uncool. Peer pressure comes along with cutting class, physical violence, and performing badly in school. Thus making learning the learning process to be so uncool. Peer pressure was not a nerd when I was going through grade school. Now it has taken over virtually all the student in institutions. This is normally caused by improper guidance from guardians, mentors, and role model of these students. Proper guidance and campaign against is the right remedy.

One of the points that Dr. Sagan makes in this Chapter is the fact that retention in our public schooling is very low. Think back to what your learned in grade school. How much do you remember? How much do you think you have forgotten? In spite of this, Dr. Sagan shares some examples of extremely effective learning models and exercises. What is the common theme? How do we inspire the desire to learn and promote learning retention?

I agree with Dr. Sagan, the current system only prepare students to pass examination and push them to the job market. The annoying part is low retention rate. From my own experience, I can sincerely state that I remember absolutely nothing in my grade school, apart from the conventional general knowledge that we encounter each and every day. Learning retention can be

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