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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses MGT 3250.

She told me that the company has one person dedicated to human resource who also performs the accounting duties of the firm. The HR representative cares a lot about the employees. He has weekly meetings with the staff to discuss any problems the employees might be facing. During the meeting the weekly schedule is created by the HR representative. If any employees need a change in schedule or a day off they must notify it to the HR representative during the meeting.

The opinion of Don regarding the HR department was different. He said that in his company the HR department is a waste of money. According to Don they did not do anything to benefit the company. He once went to the HR department to discuss a family problem, and instead of getting help from them the HR people did not take his request seriously and they did not let Don take two days off to accompany his wife to another state hospital for an operation.

The HR resource function is very important in all business organizations. The human resource department performs critical functions including recruiting employees, training and development, employee evaluations, scheduling, conflict management, protecting the rights of the workers, and improving the organizational culture (Youngmanager). The HR department can help develop the human capital of a firm. Companies that have ineffective human resource departments will not perform as well as firms that effectively use the HR function to obtain a competitive advantage. HR policies free managers from having to make decisions in areas which they have less competence or on matters with which they do not wish to become involved (Ivancevich).

Personally I am interested in the recruiting aspect of human resources. The reason this topic is interesting to me is because recruiting is a critical function that can help a company attract talented employees that can make a difference in the performance of the company. If I worked in human resources I

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