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Need an argumentative essay on Service Activity Summary Report ( for Human Service Class). Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

They prefer to do some routine things by themselves. I guess this is an element of pride and soon started to get involved when my help was necessary, or when they asked for it. There is a senior citizen that shared the pain of losing his wife and facing the rest of his life alone. From his story, I gathered that he was very lonely and the center offered him the chance to meet people closer to his age as well as people to talk to. There are times when is suspected that living family members had abandoned their elderly when they became too much of a burden. The disturbing thing is that they do not admit this. They claim that at the present times, all people are too busy to carry unwanted baggage.

I learned that senior citizens have an element of pride and deserve to be treated in a manner where they feel dignified because sometimes, their dignity is all that they have left. I also learned about the value of social services in the community. There are many things that I took for granted and this activity enlightened me. I also learned that eventually, everybody would grow old and hence lose their productive ability (Midlam, 2004). It is best to make use of all the energy that comes with youth because I will miss it when I become a senior citizen. Their stories clearly show that some are satisfied with their achievements. I hope I can tell similar stories when I am their age. In addition, I have also come to appreciate the benefits of having a retirement benefit.

I am likely to be very compassionate about the affairs of the elderly. In addition, I will make an effort to visit and take care of my own grandparents because I have realized that it is really lonely when a person is no longer able to work. The world is becoming busier, and sometimes an occupation is the sole reason to live for the senior citizens (Midlam, 2004). I will also ensure that I volunteer at these

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