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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Applied Research.

This binomial division is based on the desired or eventual use of research findings. Whereas pure research aims at merely expanding theoretical knowledge, applied research appraises applicability of resultant knowledge in addressing real world problems. Therefore, pure research stems basically from inherent desire to expand knowledge. On the other hand, applied research strives towards solving world’s problems rather than only understanding the same problems. In succeeding sections of this paper, a detailed evaluation of applied research will be conducted, specifically in terms of steps involves in conducting an applied research process.

As explained within the introduction, applied research tends to align itself closely with practical applicability as opposed to pure expansion of knowledge. Technically, proponents of pure research are interested in establishing relationship between variables, as in understanding cause and effect traits. However, applied research tries to find solutions to specific questions and problems. Based on this distinction, it is undeniable that each type of research possesses correspondingly distinct procedural steps. According to Bickman and Debra (2013), applied research process may incorporate all or some of the procedures involved in pure research. However, steps involved in carrying out applied research are more aligned to answering perceived questions rather than unearthing random knowledge of phenomena. The basic steps of applied research are. problem definition, research design, implementation and reporting stage.

First, defining and understanding an underlying research problem is influential in developing directionality of the entire process. Proper definition of a research problem not only captures the present interest and perceived urgency of the process but also ensures absolute absence of ambiguity. In the context of applied research, problem identification involves working with relevant

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