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Write a 2 page essay on Music Listening Session #1.

It was as if a particular story were being weaved movement upon movement like an act in a play, while the tempo brought indications where tragedy must come in, the point to remain as such or otherwise jolt-free as if there were magical winds. With its unique style, the sound of antiquity became special that I suddenly felt the ease to span out of my modern musical inclination and reconcile with it each aspect of distortion and fluidity therein. As a consequence of a well-arranged composition, it seemed there was automatic connection somewhere with the perfectly climatic lute instrumentation. I could sense that others watching with me were being made repeatedly optimistic in the process, not initially expecting to have tuned the symphonies in as eventful as it’s wonderfully tragic along the transformation of tamed notes to voracious ones, worthy of encore.

In the process, it was particularly captivating to have experienced the detailed rhythmic approach of the Passamezzo della Battaglia&nbsp.which splendidly attempted to be classic in every way effecting a pitch very much congruous with good-humored facial expressions of the musicians. Having studied European history, I could imagine how lute dynamics had been deemed necessary in the type of secular culture between the medieval and renaissance periods. It was such a momentous performance for the celebrated lute players assuredly filled with inspiration that in my entrancement brought across invisible waves of tunes in fluid rush marked by certain jest.

I came snapping back to reality every time as if from subconsciously stepping onto a whole new dimension where imaginings just soared and spirits were lifted to cosmic heights. It was I suppose all about each musician’s craft with his lute that defines and sets his style apart from a traditional player no matter how rare. The ensemble can be deeply felt to possess characteristics of a native musical genius flowing or

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