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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Operation Desert Storm. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

Saddam Hussein gave orders to his army to invade the small country of Kuwait. During the invasion, Iraq was well equipped with the latest technology weapons they got from the United States. Initially, the United States had provided massive military aid to Iraq for their protection. It was a wrong move from the country as this saw Iraq uses the weapons to attack people of Kuwait. The US Military together with other countries’ military had to go stop the invasion, and it resulted in a big war (USHistory.Org., 2015). The US Military had a good preparation before going to the war of evicting Iraq soldiers from Kuwait. The problem is that the military was not well prepared for the aftermath of the invasion. The army did not know what to do in case their efforts failed. The Army also wanted to end Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship in Iraq and his support for terrorism (Dale, 2009). The approach of the United States is giving Saddam Hussein an ultimatum about leaving Kuwait was not right. Saddam Hussein and his troops were to leave Kuwait on January 15, 1991. They did not follow the orders. Thus, US Military released its attack on the people. There was massive bombing of the Iraq’s military camps for a few weeks.

There are arguments that suggest the US government was feeling threatened by Iraq as they had intelligence suggesting Iraq could have been making weapons of mass destruction. The objectives of the government attacking Iraq were wrong placed that is why the mission did not get good execution (Waldman, 2005). The other countries involved had opposition to Iraq, but did not attack with the same force as the US Army. There were other countries in the United Nations that did not find enough evidence to attack Iraq’s army thus did not participate. The military that invaded Kuwait to attack Iraq were well prepared for the invasion, but the problem is that they did not

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