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Write 6 page essay on the topic Ethics in Healthcare.

p.43. Rae, 2000. p. 15). In other words, ethics are those values and principles which are highly essential for identifying personal or professional activities within or outside organizations. Keeping this view in mind, the UMH has developed vision and certain values that are normally practiced by staff and management of the UMH. In this regard, it is important to mention that certain medical ethical principles have also been included in the paper for the purpose of understanding and evaluating their practical application with the values which are being pursued and implemented by the management of UMH.

The University of Miami Health (UMH) has both vision and mission for delivering quality health care services to patients. The mission of the UMH is to provide high-calibre health care facility, make advances through applied research in medicine and deliver medical education to the next generation and subsequently contribute to healthier world (About Us, 2014). In addition, the UMS has developed and practised certain values: excellence, compassion, discovery, collaboration and leadership (About Us, 2014). These values separately address the different expectations and requirements of stakeholders (i.e. patients, hospital management, staff members, regulators and wider social community). For example, the excellence and compassion values are patient-specific in which patient’s medical, physical, psychological and emotional needs and expectations are addressed and satisfied as well while the leadership value is related to retention of the quality staff members and medical professionals (About Us, 2014).

The ethical principles and objectives of the UMH are closely related. For example, providing high-calibre health care cannot be carried out without having full understanding of beneficence. More clearly, if a patient requires treatment for allergy, it is highly required that the health care provider must diagnose the

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