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Although night clubs should be settings where individuals of either gender meet for social refreshments, they have become patriarchy dens where the men are social economic status are elevated while the women subordinated. The argument in this context is based on the fact that nightclubs have become locations where the men expose their social, economic worth and making statements of intents to the unsuspecting women. Women are relegated to mere spectators in a place where they should have the same rights and do whatsoever makes them express their self worth (Warren 4). This argument seeks to persuade the women to realize their self-worth and avoid the temptation of being made subjects of men, and start realizing their self worth and importance in social settings such as nightclubs.

The audience is based on gender. in this case the women, both young and old. The text depicts a critical tendency where the women, who visit the clubs, are used by men to further some agenda that is really not in the interest of female gender. The nightclub is a place that is used to further an agenda where the males visit and show off their economic wellbeing while scavenging for women who fall for their material wealth demonstrated in the club.

Women are sometimes are attracted by material wealth of the male figure to the extent that they sometimes fail to realize their social worth. The women, who are the main audience value material wealth and good life that sometimes pushes them to subscribe or be subordinated by the male gender. Though not open to the women, the nightclub is a place where men show their masculine power and economic wellbeing, and the idea is to have a self appraisal while providing false off to the female gender. The audience value material elements such as wealth and money and anyone, who possess the components, are held in high regard. Young women value has no idea as what their role is

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